Offering Compassionate Care at a Reasonable Rate. Our clinic offers a wide variety of services for the care of your pets. We have a complete remodeled facility that offers a treatment area, surgery room, 3 exam rooms, radiology and lab, and more.
Every Buisness starts out with a “vision” in order to become a “reality”
Dr. Atmani had been working on this building and business for the last full year with a strong desire to open a clinic that would provide quality compassionate care at a reasonable rate.
Dr. Atmani has over 18 years experience in the veterinary field and has a wide range of surgical skills. He has actively worked in animal ER field as well as in the every day clinic environment. Dr. Atmani has a been an ethical veterinarian from the very beginning with a strong desire to make sure that it is about the pet and its needs rather that about the “money”. He is very straightforward and does not pull any punches when it comes to giving his honest advice to a client. With Dr. Atmani you will never have to worry or wonder if what he suggests is truly for the best.
Dr. Atmani has made sure to have a facility that not only is equipped with all the equipment needed to run the clinic efficiently, he has made sure to have a staff that shares his work ethic and is good with the clients and the animals.
We truly look forward to showing the people of Lehigh that we are here to stay and that we want to grow into something even bigger when the time is right. The “reality” is bigger than the beginning “dream” and we can’t wait to show everyone the plans for the clinic in the future.

Your Pet

Fun Fact: Did you know that United States Citizens currently own more than 2 pets per each person? Our professional and caring staff will be more than happy to assist you with getting your pets health back on track or with just getting an annual wellness visit complete. Please do not forget that we offer “Vaccine Bundles” to help keep your cost down as well as to keep them getting the vaccination that they need at a particular time.

Any Disease

Fun Fact: The reality is that there are more pet affecting types and kinds of diseases than there are for in humans. No need not worry though, because our clinic staff is ready to help use the proper diagnostic tools to find the most reasonable and effective way to ensure that your pet has a healthier, longer, happier life.

Reasonable Rates

We do our best to keep our rates competitive and comparable to surrounding area clinics. We want to have compassionate for the pet and also be able to offer a variety of options for payments such as Scratch Pay and Care Credit. Information for both programs can be found in our office as well as online. If you need help applying for either service please just let us know and we will be glad to lend a helping hand. We gladly accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We do not currently accept American Express or Checks. Payment is due at time services are rendered.